Origin of Zu Chuan


Zu Chuan Mee Hoon Kuih recipe was inherited from my great grandma’s, she adopted Melaka one of the province in Malaysia as her hometown about 100 years ago. It has since become part of the Malaysia cuisine.

It is served with Anchovy soup, steamed shredded chickens, Chinese Cabbage, Shitake Mushroom, fried Anchovy and Fried onions.

From generation to generation, Zu Chuan Mee Hoon Kuih insists on handmade Mee Hoon Kuih instead of using machine because we found that handmade Mee Hoon Kuih has totally different texture that cannot be reproduced using machine.




In the early 20th century, our ancestors were forced to migrate to Melaka, due to decades of war-inflicted poverty in the southern province of China. In the early days in Melaka, our ancestors must work hard to make ends meet. Our ancestors cooked “Mee Hoon Kuih” for the children as meals. It was the most economical, time-saving and yet delicious meal for the busy parents. The children had since grow up. In order to let more people appreciate the delicious meal, they started a small stall to sell the “Mee Hoon Kuih” to public using the inherited recipe.

Five generations later, “Zu Chuan Mee Hoon Kuih” continues to flourish. Today, we are proud to serve delicious food with emphasis on kitchen hygiene and comfortable dining environment.

Finally, we need people like you to continue this culinary adventure!
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